Precision Fuel Management

Enhance the Performance of Your Diesel Vehicles

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel can cause problems for your vehicles, including rust, corrosion, and plugged filters. That’s why we offer our three-part Precision Fuel Management (PFM) program of filtration, additives, and testing, which gives you:

  • Improved Fuel Efficiency — Save on fuel costs
  • Fewer Repairs — Save on repairs and replacement parts
  • Fleet Longevity — Help your engines last longer


Our 3-Part PFM Program includes:


1) Filtration Solutions — Dirt, water, and other contamination in diesel leads to equipment failure and costly downtime. You’ll receive quality Donaldson filtration systems to clean the diesel before it ever touches your equipment.

2) Premium Additives — We also treat your diesel with Hydrotex Power Kleen additives. These additives help your fuel burn cleaner, protect the engine, prevent rust and corrosion in your injectors, and can prevent equipment failure.

3) Regular Testing — You’ll also receive ongoing “Condition Based Monitoring” to track your diesel quality. This allows us to always use the correct application of additives and other products to ensure peak efficiency and longevity.

From diesel supply to diesel treatment Earnheart Oil is here to help! To request our Precision Fuel Management service or a price quote call 1-888-536-8703 or email us today.